CoffeeWars is Over

December 21, 2011 was a sad night. One of the original four, the defender of Jamaican Blue Mountain, died. As Jason Scott of Textfiles said:

Holy Crap, Jay Dyson, the angriest hacker motherfucker on the face of the earth has left it! Good, he hated that dump, they fucked it up.

Pictures from happier times

Our sympathies are with his family.

  (    (                                                         _______
  ))   ))   .-"There's always time for a good cup of coffee."-.   >====<--.
C|~~|C|~~| (>------ Jay D. Dyson - ------<) |    = |-'
 `--' `--'  `- Black as hell, sweet as love, swift as death. -'  `------'


Yes, my friends, it's true. Ten Coffee Wars is enough for anyone. We decided in 2009 to quietly let it pass into history, and so it will. We never really made a formal announcement, but if you're reading this, and you were hopeful that it was continuing, it's over. It is just not to be.

There may be some other event in the future, at Defcon, that bills itself as Coffeewars, but it won't be us. Who can say what the future holds? Still, it was a good run, and fun, and the question that started it all still is unanswered.

Which coffee is better?
That's right, the eternal contest between Jamaican Blue Mountain and Kona remains, never to be decided.

"If kids today chose coffee over methadone, the world would be a far better and more productive place."
-AJ Rez

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