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This page is a summary of the official results for CoffeeWars 4, held in the morning of August 1, 2003 at DefCon 11 in Las Vegas. There's a lot of information here, because we were much better organized than ever before. Here is a fascinating index of CoffeeWars 4 materials that you will probably want to read in tremendous detail:
  • Story: The whole CoffeeWars 4 story, from start to finish, full of detail and good cheer.
  • Results: A discussion of the entries, the comments of the judges and some analysis of the scores.
  • Forms: The official judging and entry forms, suitable for framing. Also, the ASCII art of the vinyl banner that we hung on our table: be the hippest kid on your block by making one of your own!
  • Lessons Learned: Although the CoffeeWar was a stunning success, there are things that could have gone better, and it is important that we write them down, so we don't forget.
  • Credits and Thanks: Thanks to all who participated, and sorry to all those who couldn't; hope I didn't miss anybody.
  • Multimedia: Photos and anything else.
  • Technical: The raw scoring data, so you can do your own statistical analysis. It's in Excel format. Sorry about that, but I am lazy, and this is the tool at hand at the moment. Judges are named, because at CoffeWars, we believe in accountability!
  • Announcement: The official announcement of CoffeeWars 4, calling all coffee enthusiasts to action.
  • Speech: The text of the speech read by Foofus at the awards ceremony.

We had a tremendous amount of fun with CoffeeWars 4, and we hope everyone else did, too. We're looking forward to the fifth installment with giddy anticipation. With so much coffee, that's the only kind of anticipation we've got.

NOTE: At some places throughout this site, you'll see reference to a mysterious character by the name of Abby Normal. This person is unrelated to AbbyNrml of, who is also a very nice person, but who-- so far as I know-- had nothing to do with CoffeeWars.

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