CoffeeWars 4: Images, etc.

Some people took photos of CoffeeWars. Here is where I'm putting them. We did our best not to photograph anyone who didn't want to be photographed. If you are mad or worried about seeing yourself here, let us know.

Pictures also on this Site

  • Pictures from Foofus
    • cw.jpg: Alice and 50% of MadHat, working hard.
    • cw2.jpg: Gurney, Cheshire Catalyst, Tweakt, and dog.
    • cw3.jpg: Gurney, Cheshire Catalyst's head, Alice, Tweakt, and Hook (our illustrious winner).
  • Pictures from Grunch
    • cw4.jpg: The idiot Foofus, and 50% of Tim.
    • cw5.jpg: The astonishing array of entries.
    • cw6.jpg: Alice and Foofus absorbed in their duties.
    • cw7.jpg: Eyebiter enjoys a cup of coffee, as Phenfen and Fizzgig look on.
    • cw8.jpg: Alluring crotch shots of Foofus, Tim, and MadHat, plus the wreckage and aftermath of the competition.

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