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This outstanding page is your one-stop shop for all matters related to the fifth Coffee War, conducted July 30, 2004 at Defcon 12 in Las Vegas. Coffee Wars is many things: a competition between enthusiasts, a spine-tingling stunt, a gesture of goodwill, a grand social engineering experiment... we could go on. Whatever it is, though, we've done it five times, and each time we have derived a great deal of pleasure.

It is not enough merely to organize and conduct the contest: we must also share the outcome with the coffee-drinking world, and that's what this web page is all about. It's verbose, but that's part of the fun. Here are the topics that your coffee leaders have undertaken to address this year:

  • Story: The full and complete story of CoffeeWars 5
  • Credits: Thanks to all who participated, and greetz to some others... hope nobody got overlooked
  • Scores: The scores, and analysis thereof
  • Spreadsheet: The raw ballot data, so you can do your own analysis (in OpenOffice format this year). All judges' comments are preserved, verbatim
  • Announcement: The CoffeeWars 5 Announcement (Call for Beans)
  • Speech: The CoffeeWars 5 awards speech from the Defcon closing ceremony
  • Forms: The judging and entry forms (in .PDF format)
  • Pictures: Multimedia archive (photos by MadHat and others)
Phew! Writing up a Coffee War is not as easy as it looks, for the record. We look forward to seeing you next year.
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