Coffee Wars 5: Awards Ceremony Speech

CoffeeWars was once again a monstrous sucecss, and it's an honor to be up here yet again sharing the excitement. Before we present our Grand Prize, I'd like to touch on a couple of highlights.
  • We didn't have to turn anyone away this year
  • As always, the Alexis Park staff came through for us; this year they provided us with a big trash can
  • The DefCon staff, also, were great: thanks especially to DT, BlackBeetle, Russ, and Pyro
I'd also like to recognize the staff who are the heart of CoffeeWars: Alice and MadHat kept stuff running smoothly when the rest of us got confused. Shrdlu, once again, was the core organizer, keeper of equipment, master brewer, and coordinator of shirt acquisition. On a side note, the proceeds from CoffeeWars shirt sales were donated to EFF. The rest of the staff and judges were also essential: Gurney, Rob, Tim, Lucid, and Tweakt.

CoffeeWars wishes to extend a special greeting to Jay Dyson, who was unable to be with us, but sent some good beans: we are thinking of you, man.

There are two honors in CoffeeWars: the Grand Prize, and the best bang- for-the-buck. This latter is given to the coffee whose ration of overall approval to price is the hightest. The average price of a CoffeeWars entry this year was $15.38. Previously, the bang-for-the-buck winner has been close to the overall winner, in terms of overall score, but this year's award goes to a contestant who supplied a reasonably good coffee at the rock-bottom price of just $4.99/lb. We salute you, Spyboy! We don't have a prize for you, but we respect your skills.

This year's winner is an expensive coffee, but not the most expensive. Entries from Jay Dyson, GodMinusOne and Decula all surpassed it in price. The winning coffee was the winner by a wide margin, however-- a fill 16% ahead of the second place entry from Jay Dyson. These two coffees were from the same plantation, but our winner bought the peaberry blend, and FedEx-ed it to himself from Jamaica for maximum freshness.

Damn, that was some fine coffee.

Our prize this year is mostly the same as last, in terms of market value, but the honor it conveys is made all the more precious by the fact that the winner is no stranger to CoffeeWars triumph. Instead of sitting home on a kitchen counter this one-of-a-kind shirt will let the world know of your victory. At $29.00/lp, with an overall score of precisely 8, the winner is JBM Wallenford Estates Peaberry from Hook!

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