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Greetings, all.

CoffeeWars vi took place on 29 July 2005, at DefCon 13. It was a truly excellent experience, and the winner was announced with great fanfare and praise at the end of the con.

Now it's time to share the rest of the story, and here's how we have it organized, roughly like we've done other years:

  • Story: The full and complete story of CoffeeWars vi
  • Credits: Thanks to all who participated, and greetz to some others... hope nobody got overlooked
  • Scores: The scores, and analysis thereof
  • Spreadsheet: The raw ballot data, so you can do your own analysis (in Excel format this year). All judges' comments are preserved, verbatim
  • Announcement: The CoffeeWars vi Announcement (Call for Beans)
  • Speech: The CoffeeWars vi awards speech from the Defcon closing ceremony
I know. This writeup should have been done sooner. And it should have been done better, too, I am sure. But learning to cope with disappointment is an important part of life, so: you're welcome!

In prior years, we've provided copies of the entry and judging forms. This year, we just re-used the ones from CoffeeWars 5, so if you want to see what they looked like, you can see them at the CW5 results page.

Likewise, we tend to have a gallery of photos, etc., from the war. We'll get these up as they become available; there wasn't any one among us taking a vast quantity of pictures this year, so they'll probably trickle in a few at a time.

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