Coffee Wars vi: Credits

Each year, we want to recognize the people who make CoffeeWars possible. Each year, I am sure we fail to give credit to someone who contributed, but we think it's important to try nevertheless. The basic groups are the staff, the judges, and the contestants, but there are a few others as well, and we hope we do them justice here.


The staff is actually now enumerated on its own wide web page, so we won't spend a lot of extra time singing their praises here. Staff who were present (and who were not also judges) should probably be mentioned, though, just so we can preserve a record of who actually participated in the event itself: MadHat, Sweetypig, and Foofus.


The judges, obviously, are the folks who actually taste and rate the coffee. For one morning out of each year, they selflessly dedicate themselves to providing impartial and accurate decisions about which brew is truly the finest, and we honor them for their willingness to sacrifice their nerves and gastric linings in the name of superior coffee. We had six judges this year, and that seems to be a pretty good number.
  • Etaoin Shrdlu: More than just a judge, Shrdlu is custodian of the brewing gear, a key organizer of the event, donor of the prize this year, and the only person authorized actually to make the coffee.
  • Gurney Halleck: Another perennial member of the staff, the mysterious Gurney emerges once a year to quaff the brews of DefCon, but then vanishes and I never see him for the rest of the con. Probably off playing the baliset, I guess.
  • Joshua "Lucid" Fritsch: It used to be that Josh would tell everyone that he'd be there, but then not show up. This year, he said nothing, but nevertheless he arrived. Good show, man!
  • Greg, Friend of Josh: He's just this guy. I don't really know him, but he took his judging duties seriously.
  • Dr. Vann Harl: This year's champion, donor of the prize in prior years, and hardened coffee enthusiast. After the tasting had ended, and the staff had consumed 3.5 gallons of coffee, Dr. Vann Harl suggested brewing some more, just for enjoyment. We salute this amazing level of tolerance!
  • Dog: Dog has been an essential element of CoffeeWars for years, not only as a sometime judge and constant friend of the contest, but also as the provider of transport for Shrdlu and the gear. He's a tricky one, though. :)

Other Important Folks That We Honor

The following people, though they are neither staff nor judges, play an invaluable role in CoffeeWars:
  • DefCon Staff: Dark Tangent, Black Beetle, Russ, and other goons. They made us an official event, got us table space, put us in the program, donated the elite black badge awarded to our winner, and generally smoothed the way for us. Usually we at least get to give them some coffee, but this year, none of them stopped by to have any, so we'll have to settle for just saying thank you.
  • Alexis Park Staff: Every year, these folks come through for us, above and beyond the call of duty. This year's urgent need was for a large garbage can with a liner, and (as they've always done in the past) Alexis Park staff delivered the goods. They also let us hang our awesome banner proudly on the wall. Thanks!
  • Jay Dyson: Even though he hasn't been physically present for the last four CoffeeWars, the contest carries a bit of Jay Dyson's spirit every year. We miss you, man, and we are thinking good thoughts for you: be well.
  • Alice: Like Jay, Alice has played a key part in many a Coffee War. We missed her this year, too, and we wish her well.
It may look easy, but putting on a CoffeeWar takes serious effort. I've tried to give those involved the credit they are due, but there's always the chance that through ignorance of some deed or simply by forgetting, I have omitted an important player. If this is the case, I apologize: let me know, so the unintended slight can be corrected.
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