Who will be Victorious?

   CoffeeWars VII consisted of 26 entries.  This was an all-
   time record.  Nearly 5 gallons of coffee were consumed,
   which also is a record.  Hoo-boy.  We announced three
   winners at the closing ceremony:

   1. Overall winner (our grand prize): Steve Tornio, with
      ALTERRA DELTA MUD, at $9.45/lb came in with an overall
      approval score of 7.29.  

   2. Bang-for-the-buck: Qubit, with Brian's Panamanian 
      Peaberry Perfection at $4.80/lb got a bang-for-the-
      buck ration of 1.1 (this is the ratio of overall
      approval to price).

   3. Holy Crap: Dark Tangent, with the "Poo Maximus" 
      entry at $180/lb set a staggering record for price
      per pound.  As a coffee, it was good, but not 
      remarkable.  In terms of price, though, we don't 
      think we'll ever see anything in that price range 
      again, and we salute the utter insanity of it all!

   More detailed statistics, as well as complete ranking
   of each entry, will appear on as soon as
   the write-up is complete.

For those of you who just can't wait, here's a slightly massaged version of the spreadsheet (the writeup is coming, really. I promise). Once again, we must thank Foofus for another great writeup for CoffeeWars.
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