Who Won?

CoffeeWars VIII consisted of 15 entries. There will be a more detailed announcement of the winners, but here's the ranking:

1 Tweakt Ring of Fire
2 Professor Rad Freaky Bean French Roast
3 Qubit Brian's Mexican Blend
4 Chunk New Guinea Kimel A
5 Vann Harl Three Stone Kona
6 Gandalf Java Government Est. Pancoer
7 Steve Tornio Alterra Punch in the Face
7 Gandalf Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
9 Stan Stan's Mix
10 Maria Gorilla Fund Blend
11 Tweakt Mocha Sumatra
12 Qubit Godma African Blend
13 Shrdlu Buzz Joy Panama
14 Camilo Fernandez Guatemalan Hot Spicy Coffee
15 Joe Barr Ruta Maya Organic
More detailed statistics, as well as complete ranking of each entry, will appear on as soon as the write-up is complete. Once again, we must thank Foofus for another great writeup for CoffeeWars.
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