News from the Front

  • The CoffeeWars X results were posted.

  • We've achieved a decade of Coffee Wars. I'm just as surprised by this as anyone.

  • The CoffeeWars IX results were posted.

  • It's that time again! CoffeeWarsIX (9, for the Roman Numerically Challenged)

  • The preliminary results for CoffeeWarsVIII are here. Stay tuned for the final writeup.

  • The long-awaited results for CoffeeWars VII.

  • Once again the results are in. Check out who won this year at CoffeeWars VI.

  • The Coffee Wars vi CFB (Call for Beans) has been released

  • And the results are in. Check out who won CoffeeWars V.

  • The Coffee Wars V CFB (Call for Beans) has been released

  • Poster for CoffeeWars V has been created

  • Rules have been updated for CoffeeWars V

  • CoffeeWars V is coming up this July/August at DefCon XII. Be sure and have your best coffee ready.

  • New WebSite for this year's CoffeeWars

  • Check the Results from CoffeeWars III and IV.

  • In case you missed it, we are an official DefCon event.

  • CoffeeWars II

  • CoffeeWars I (The Very First)

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